Monday, January 21, 2013

Fixtures and Fittings

While I'm not going to pre-empt the wagon model I'm currently having printed, I thought I'd show you the fixtures and fittings that will be needed once the model arrives.

While there is no real need to model the track, wheels and couplings when designing the model, I found it helps give a better sense of scale. It might even have helped me realise that the axle holes were too small in the first test print as I would have been able to see that the wheels intersected the model rather than sitting freely in the axle hole.

These models aren't entirely accurate representations (for example the coupling is slightly more rounded) but their bounding boxes are correct which means that if the modelled part fits the real one will. For reference all three are Hornby parts; an R600 single straight track section, narrow NEM style couplings (part number R8219), and 12.5mm spoked wheels (part number R8098).


  1. Brings back memories Mark. I used to buy rail to scale and slide sleepers on. Used to chop up Dunlopillo foam and stick it to fuse wire for trees and bushes. Magical times.

  2. I'm still fascinatedly following.

    1. Well Shapeways tell me they have shipped my latest set of prints and that they should arrive tomorrow. Unfortunately, assuming I can battle through the snow, I have to be in the office tomorrow, so it might be a day or two until I can actually get my hands on them. Of course once I have them there is bound to be at least one blog post but probably more depending how they have turned out.