Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tear Down This Wall!

I doubt that there are many railway modelling blog posts that quote a speech by Ronald Regan, but it seemed a most apt title for this post given that I did indeed manage to tear the wall.

The side walls of the coal office I'm building are made from 2mm thick cardboard around which the printed wall covering is glued. Unfortunately when attempting to correctly position the paper I managed to tear it at the corner of the cutout for the door. I'm blaming this on the thin paper that I printed onto, and so next time I do this (and I'm sure there will be a next time) I'll make sure to use a slightly better quality paper.

In theory I could have fixed the problem by simply reprinting the relevant piece. This is the real advantage of the kits over the Metcalfe and SUPERQUICK versions: you are buying the right to print as many copies of the kit as you want, rather than a single kit. This means that, having paid £2.99 to build the first coal office, I can (if we ignore the cost of card, paper, glue, and printing) build as many as I want in the future without spending another penny. On this occasion I decided not to bother as it was meant as a learning experience rather than as a model that would eventually grace a layout.


  1. That is artistic modellers licence. Subsidence in the foundations caused the crack.

    1. Had it actually followed the mortar I would have claimed that excuse from the start, but I would have thought it would require a bit more than subsidence to crack a brick diagonally!

  2. Heavens above you two really are entering the world of esoteric modelling now.