Friday, June 21, 2013

Holes In The World

As you may remember from my initial track plan for Jerusalem, the line will emerge on the left from a tunnel and then exit under a road bridge on the right. You've already seen the bridge in a number of the mockup posts (here for instance) but I've now built the tunnel mouth as well.

These are both built from kits (specifically this and this). The tunnel mouth was really easy to build and went together without any problems at all. The bridge, however, is actually my third attempt and it's still not perfect. The problem is fitting the arched roof. I found it almost impossible to follow the instructions without destroying the printed pieces. In the end I figured out an easier way; instead of attaching the two main sides together and then fitting the roof, I used the roof to join the two sides.


  1. It looks to be coming on fine.
    No name and date on the tunnel entrance?

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