Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mixing Drinks

Having taken a week off work I thought I might get around to a little modelling or maybe some research for the next Penistone historical post. As it is I've done nothing railway related at all; I haven't even found a home for the badger yet! This week has given plenty of opportunity for a good drink or two though (there is always mulled wine while the Christmas tree goes up), and fortunately that has given me the chance to do at least one post this week.

When I visited the National Railway Museum in York for the Great Gathering I did of course have a look around the shop. There wasn't much that took my fancy, but they did have a serious supply of beer and beer glasses which I just couldn't leave alone. I've mentioned the Flying Scotsman beer from the Caledonian Brewery before on the blog and not only were they selling the beer but they had matching glasses as well. Flying Scotsman wasn't the only beer on sale though, as the Wold Top brewery have produced a beer to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Mallards record breaking run. I wanted to try the Mallard beer but wasn't so taken with the logo which also appeared on the matching glass. So in the end I bought Mallard beer and a Flying Scotsman glass and mixed the two together leading to a very pleasant evening!


  1. I have always preferred my beer out of a glass tankard with a handle (called here a jug). I drink very little beer these days though.

    1. I quite like using a handled tankard as well, although I find them hard to find and more expensive to buy. This glass is a close second though as I much prefer the taller thinner glass over a typical pint glass.

  2. Very nice, Mark! Have a great Christmas and New Year...and thanks for a great blog!