Sunday, January 12, 2014

Station Ale

For my birthday last year I got quite a few railway related presents, including the excellent Mk 1 57ft suburban brake coach and the 1863 copy of Bradshaws Guide both of which I blogged about. I guess most of my relatives decided therefore to avoid the railway theme when buying Christmas presents, but the one related present I got is certainly worth a short post.

I've noticed over the last few years that railways seem to make a good theme for marketing ale. First up I came across Flying Scotsman and then more recently the Mallard ale, and now we have Station Ale from the Richmond Brewing Company. As I mentioned all the other railway themed ales have been mostly a marketing exercise, but the Station Ale is a little different as the brewery is actually based in the old Richmond station buildings.

So what was it like to drink? Excellent!


  1. I know that brewery or micr-brewery well. It was for sale a year ago and a friend was seriously considering buying it. It didn't look worth the asking price or I could be running a brewery now............Heaven.

    1. Interesting. I did notice from the website that it had recently changed hands.