Saturday, May 3, 2014

Quarry Hunslet: The Nameless Wonder

So having completed the main body in the last post, I set about painting the elements of the motion that needed it. Unfortunately while masking up the slidebars I managed to re-break one of them. Given that the glue I used last time obviously hadn't held the joint past a light handling, I decided to to strengthen the repair this time. Fortunately it was the top slidebar that had broken where it joins the cylinder, which meant I could add a small piece of scrap brass (from the fret of parts) running across the join between the cylinder and slidebar without it being overly visible or affecting the motion. Once painted it's almost invisible, and the join is nice and strong.

Once the cylinders etc. were painted it was time to reassemble the entire model, put it on the track, apply power, cross my fingers and hope I hadn't screwed anything up...

Yay! It still runs. The sigh of relief could probably be heard for miles around. So there we have it, a completed Quarry Hunslet that just needs a name and makers plates.


  1. A wonder indeed. A grand job and an entertaining build.

  2. What a treat to which to return to Blogland. I'm a bit disappointed, though, that it doesn't have buffers.

    1. Yeah I agree not having buffers seems weird, but as far as I can tell most of them didn't, and when they did they were just "dumb" buffers, i.e. big blocks of wood bolted to the buffer beam.