Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Twenty-Four Horses

After all the positive comments on the Hunslet axlebox I've pushed on with the rest of the model I've been working on. Given that I'm now planning a layout based around the test track at the Robert Hudson Ltd factory I decided I needed an appropriate locomotive. Hudson's didn't manufacture locomotives themselves but instead entered into partnerships with other firms to sell branded locomotives. One of these partnerships was with the Hunslet Engine Company and I decided to have a go at modelling one of their tiny 24HP diesel locomotives. These were produced for a number of different narrow gauges and in a variety of cab configurations. My current model is based around a cabless 2' 6" gauge version.
If you are at all familiar with the prototype then you'll notice that quite a few bits of body work are missing. The plan is to add these using etched brass parts which I have yet to draw up. In fact I'm hoping to use the model with different etched parts to produce different versions with different cabs.

This is by far the most complex model I've ever attempted to build. Not only is the 3D printed part quite complex, there will be the etched parts, and I'm intending to build the chassis as well as I was unable to find one with the right wheel base; you may remember I've already bought some parts for this. I've no idea if this will work or not as there are so many parts I'll need to get just right, but if I do manage to pull it off then, depending how complex it is to assemble, it might become a Narrow Planet kit, assuming there is enough interest.


  1. This will be another entertaining project for me to follow.

  2. I will also follow this with interest, Mark.
    I am fairly familiar with these as a similar loco was used on the prototype of my 0-14 sewage works layout and I am part way through building a KBScale kit (there's a thread about it on NGRM somewhere).
    Might be tempted to replicate the 7mm layout in 4mm.....a model of a model, if you like.
    There are a lot of variations on the basic theme; one I especially like (again because of familiarity with the prototype) are the MoD Hunslets that ran on the line at Lydd Ranges......again, that would be a good starting point for a model.
    Hope all goes well with this,
    Simon Hargraves
    (aka Spifiregoggles on NGRM)

    1. Hi Simon, glad to hear you like the idea. The KBScale kit does look great, shame I don't have the room for 7mm scale as I might well be tempted to build one myself! Hopefully though this one will turn out well in 4mm. From a quick search I think, but correct me if I'm wrong) the Hunslets from Lydd Ranges had the non-symmetrical bonnets (one side vertical). Someone else has also privately expressed an interest in one of those. Assuming I can get the chassis to work and that the body turns out okay, it should be fairly easy to adapt the 3D model to do those as well. Lots of "ifs" in there though. Should be fun though, however it turns out.

  3. No one could ever cause you of not being adventurous with you model making.