Thursday, March 12, 2015

Barrels of Fun

Today saw another delivery from Shapeways so you can expect to shortly be reading a few posts on the evolution of the Hudson-Hunslet body and chassis. Those post will be next week though as my modelling stuff has been packed away again as we have family coming to stay this weekend. In the interim I thought I'd show you one of the other things that was in the order.

Yes, these are the A.G.W.I. Oil Refinery wagons I blogged about a few weeks ago. Having worked through all the prototype photos either Jam or I could find (i.e. the four in the Frederick W. Cooper book) and got the 3D model to the point where I was happy the only thing left was to order some prototype prints.

Unfortunately the print orientation hasn't been kind to some of the plank detailing on the main wagon surface, although once loaded with barrels this is completely invisible so probably isn't an issue. I'm going to post one to Jam so he can have a quick look before we arrange to get enough printed for his layout, but so far so good.


  1. Looking rather good, just the thing to sit behind my Simplex! I think that I've even got some of those barrels stashed away in the loft.

    1. Yes they'd definitely go well with the Simplex given that's the only loco I've seen them with in the photos! Once Jam has had a chance to look them over and make sure I've not missed anything I'll make them available.