Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Alan Keef K12 Diesel: Third Time's A Charm

So late last week the third version of the body etches for the K12 arrived back. If you remember I needed a third go at the body etches having messed up the bonnet side panels (specifically how the fit against the wrap around of the bonnet front) in different ways on the first two attempts. Happy to say that this time I've nailed it.

Still got to add the details and paint it, but I'm really happy with how it's looking now.


  1. Very smart, spot on from here. I think that even FreeCAD has a sheet metal Workbench that will or should remove the guessing. Solid Works does and you should get a free copy through work.

  2. I looked at it when you posted and had to go back and look at the others. What amazes me is that the picture I'm looking at is many many times bigger than the original.

    1. Yes, it's really really small. The large squares on the cutting mat are 1cm square, so it's just shy of 3cm long.