Thursday, August 20, 2020

Too Many Details?

I've heard people suggest that the larger modelling scales are easier as the pieces are larger and easier to see. I really don't think this is true. In my experience, and I've talked about this before, what tends to happen is that as the scale goes up you end up modelling smaller details that wouldn't be visible or possible in the smaller scales. I'm fairly certain that there should be a limit to this though, for my sanity if nothing else, but I'm still not sure where the line should be drawn.

Whilst I may not know where the line between sensible and ridiculous should be drawn, I think I've got quite close with the latest bit of detail work. I'm slowly gathering parts together to complement a 16mm scale kit I'm going to build and one of the kit parts I wanted to replace was the sandboxes. They aren't a particularly complex shape and I have prototype drawings so it was easy enough to produce some using my 3D printer.

So far so sane.... except....

Yes, I designed them so that the hinge would work, the lids would open, and they could actually hold sand. Now my problem is that I need to find some finer sand, but have I finally gone insane or is this a perfectly acceptable level of detail?


  1. Try talcum powder, the smell is up to you but I think an apple fragrance would be nice.

  2. Well they are very nice and look as if they may be Simplex sandboxes but if they are then you have ommitted the Simplex logo from the lid. If the box cantains sand then surely you should ensure that it can be delivered onto the railhead?
    I respectfully suggest that you apply the Railway Modeller's Rule No.1. (Its my trainset so I decide what happens)

    1. It's nice to know someone thinks they look like Simplex sandboxes, as they are indeed destined for a 16mm Simplex. The model in the photo was just the first test print to check that the hinge worked, and in a future post I'll show the updated lids which do indeed include the Simplex logo... oh an there is something else lurking in the boxes... and no it's not a working sandpipe!