Sunday, February 17, 2013

I Can't Count

Having blogged this morning about priming the first of this batch of 3D printed items, I thought I'd set to work on paining in the details. First job was to paint the underframe black; a simple job. A harder job is paining the metal work. There is quite a lot of metal work, but depending on the wagon I'm trying to model different amounts need to be painted. So I dug out the two sets of transfers I've been keeping ready for these models only to find I can't count/read.

I was absolutely certain that both sets of transfers I had were for 8 plank wagons in red oxide. It turns out that actually both are for 7 plank wagons in red oxide. Damn!

I've now ordered some more transfers designed for 8 plank wagons painted in red oxide, so there will be a bit of a delay until I can fully finish this wagon, although as you can tell the transfers I've ordered required painting all the metal strapping. At the end of the day the mix up isn't a problem as part of the reason for designing the 3D model was to allow me to easily print a large(ish) number of varied wagons, so next time I do a 3D print run I'll add a couple of 7 plank wagons to the order to match the transfers I already have.

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