Friday, May 31, 2013

An Ounce Of Brass

Although I've known for a while now that the main focal point of the layout will be the dark satanic mill I haven't got much further along with constructing it than a simple corrugated card mockup (which you've seen in numerous photos recently). I'd already decided that I was going to use the factory kit and I've had all the parts printed out for a week or two. The problem was the windows.

The kit includes a sheet of window frames that you are supposed to print onto transparent plastic or tissue paper. The problem is that being such a prominent structure on the layout I thought I needed something a bit more than this. Fortunately Brassmasters do a range of etched brass windows which are specifically designed to fit kits, so I ordered enough for the factory and the small station in case I added that to the layout. Well my order arrived yesterday -- a very satisfying ounce of etched brass (and I really do mean an ounce as I used the kitchen scales to weigh them).

Most of the windows are in two parts allowing you to model open windows, should you so wish (I won't be), so I now need to assemble, prime and paint all that brass, but at least I'm now one step closer to being able to construct a dark satanic mill.


  1. Now you are shaping. An airbrush must be a must for painting these. They look the business.

    1. I still don't own an airbrush, but I found these were easy enough to paint with aerosol cans of primer/paint. I used some double sided tape to stick them to a sheet of paper and then spray them. Seems to have worked pretty well.