Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Welcome To... Jerusalem

Having decided on the track plan, and the layout of some buildings and scenery, settling on a name for the layout was easy. I'm intending to model a dark satanic mill nestling among England's green and pleasant land through which a chariot of fire, otherwise known as a steam engine, will pass at which point the only option is to name the layout... Jerusalem!

While you've already seen a real-life mockup, here is a satellite style view showing a few more of the planned details.

The structures are all shown in brown (from the left: factory, station, bridge) with the road surface in grey (I'm not quite sure how the road surface will wrap around the station and platform yet). The grey line running across the layout shows the horizon (i.e. where the vertical sheet for the sky will fit) and as you can see the tunnel mouth (on the left) will be in front of this to allow hillside above the tunnel, while the road bridge will sit snugly against the horizon. The numbers on the track represent the height, in cm, that section is raised above the baseboard. While a maximum height of 2.5cm might not sound like much it represents a 4% slope which is quite steep for a model railway, and way steeper than any real UK railway.

I'm sure this plan will evolve as I start to build the landscape but I think it's a good point to start from.


  1. It looks good to me.
    In fact it's exciting.

  2. I hope that you don't end up having to have sand bunkers and sand (coloured castor sugar?) standing by at the slope in case of adverse track conditions.

    1. From initial testing I don't seem to be having too many problems with the slope or curves, even if I run the train at crazy speeds, so hopefully it should be fairly reliable.