Monday, August 26, 2013

(At Least) One Satisfied Customer

At 7:38pm on the 5th of August someone bought one of my models that I have on sale on Shapeways under the Penistone Railway Works banner. Specifically they bought an OO gauge model of the LNWR, Diagram 103, 1 plank open goods wagon.

The downside of selling models via Shapeways is that I have no contact with the buyers; I don't even know who they are. On one hand this is great as Shapeways deals with all the billing and shipping etc., but it does mean that unless a buyer specifically contacts me I have no way of finding out what they think of the models they have bought.

In this case, however, the someone turned out to be a user called pinddle who left me a comment to say that it was an "excellent model". More interestingly he also included the following photo of his completed model which I'm showing here alongside an old photo I used during development of the 3D model.

I deliberately haven't included a photo of the model I painted as it is no where near as good as this one, and I think you'll all agree that he has done a very good job of replicating the original.

So I can now state that Penistone Railway Works has (at least) one satisfied customer!


  1. Congratulations.

    Referring to an earlier post Matchbox models vary in scale but i seem to recall the majority are 1:64.

    1. Thanks Adrian. I did have a feeling the Matchbox models were slightly too big for OO guage and if they are 1:64 that would explain it.

    2. I echo Adrian's congratulations. Out of curiosity I had a look at the various Matchbox sites but it all got far too confusing and I gave up. It is interesting, though, to note that some of the large model exhibitions I have seen use, I am fairly sure, Matchbox models and I hadn't noticed the scale difference. Perhaps I'm just not very observant.

    3. I have a feeling you are right and that some layouts do make use of matchbox cars regardless of the difference in size. I know that people often mix OO and HO scales (1:76 and 1:87) so a car at 1:64 probably wouldn't look too out of place.

      There are, however, a few other manufacturers who make better proportioned model vehicles. For example, Oxford Diecast do models in OO gauge (1:76) and N gauge (1:148).