Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cloudy, May Brighten Later

I've finally got fed up of looking at the brown backscene and so have temporarily brought in some clouds.

A few months ago I test printed a couple of options for the backscene as photobox were offering exceptionally cheap poster printing. I printed two options on the same poster, the photo in use here is actually from a panorama I took on Skye a few years ago. The second sky I experimented with was courtesy of Adrian. Unfortunately neither of us were happy with how either sky turned out; the clouds on this one are a bit big, but the colouring is slightly better than on Adrian's (not Adrian's fault but due to the low resolution file I printed as we had problems transferring a better copy).

So while these clouds are only temporary I think you'll agree that they brighten the layout considerably, and show that when we do manage to figure out a better photo then the approach of printing as a matt photo poster will give me a good backscene that will complement the rest of the scenery quite well.

You can also see in this photo that I've finished the factory yard, at the third attempt, with the surface being created and painted in the same way as the access road.


  1. This is better Mark. Pop a light bulb on a stick and light the scene. Are we talking 1/200th life size. If we are therein lies the problem. I hadn't appreciated it before. Sorry. I'm getting almost as much fun out of this as you are.

    1. The scale is 1/148th life size (so about half the 1/76 of OO gauge). I must admit it looks better now I've slotted the image in properly (cutting it to shape) than it did in the photos I sent you. I agree I need to sort the lighting properly thought to be able to really tell -- currently it's just ambient.

    2. PS. Definitely bright....and Big. I think that you need to bend the backdrop towards you or over the layout and have some hills in the picture. It is a nightmare and needs an artists eye. I am an artist but have Piss in front and not RA behind.

    3. The clouds are definitely big, but they aren't as bright as the photo suggests, they are actually quite moody, but the light in my study makes them look very bright on the camera. We will get there in the end though, I'm sure.

  2. I'll pass on this until you get things sorted.