Monday, September 30, 2013

Maybe It's A Woollen Mill?

I'm still to decide exactly what business S. A. Tan and Sons are in, but maybe they are running a woollen mill?

I didn't want to fill the layout with sheep, so I've used just three from the pack of eight I bought from Langley Models (model number A70). For those that are interested (and to make sure I can remember) they were painted by first spraying with Humbrol grey primer before the face and shadow detail was painted black (Tamiya flat black). The wool was then dry brushed using first white (Tamiya) and then Ivory (Model Color).

If you look closely you might also be able to spot the squirrel.


  1. Not so easy to differential between the squiggle and tree branches but I assume it's near the top of the tree by the flat bed of the lorry (which now looks wood coloured!).

    1. It's actually hiding on the floor, just in front of the 2nd tree from the left. I did think about sticking it in a tree but none of the branches were really big enough to take the support pin.

      I repainted the flat bed part of the lorry as I trust you and Adrian to know the right colouring more than I do. Hopefully it looks a bit more realistic now, although I'm still not entirely sure about the specific shade of brown.