Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Little or Large?

When I blogged recently about the method I'd settled on for painting Yorkshire stone I pointed out that I'd accidentally bought 7mm scale plastikard as it "looked right". Well I've now picked up a sheet in 4mm scale and as you can see the stone are a lot smaller.

I'm actually worried that the 4mm stones are a little on the small size, but I think they'll do for the small single storey workshop I'm planning. The 7mm sheet still looks promising for the large factory building though, especially as it will be further from the viewer.

I'm slowly running out of excuses not to do some layout building so hopefully it shouldn't be too long before there is some sign of layout progress beyond a plain piece of MDF!


  1. I do think the size of the stones in the 7mm scale sheet is fine for a mill building or similar. The stone where you are based at Penistone might have a bearing on this though. From what I remember it is Millstone Grit and blonde sandstone ??...the wall is perfect for that, although the blonde sandstone was usually laid ashlar style but, heck now I'm splitting hairs and what do I know...anyway it's your layout, you call the shots. The smaller stuff, the 4mm, would be fine for smaller buildings.
    The only thing that really worries me about the 7mm stuff is the size of the mortar courses, but it looks fine next to that chap in the photo. Just go for it!

    1. Yeah I'm still kind of torn as to which sheet to use, and I have been looking at lots of local buildings to try and figure it out. Fortunately/unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a common size in use anywhere. Strangely there is even one house which seems to start off with stones approaching the 7mm size at ground level, but by the time the wall narrows for the roof it's down to roughly the 4mm size! Not sure I'll model that, but there is, as always, a prototype for everything.

  2. I thought the 7mm looked more in scale but was trying to recall the walls I know and oddly enough was wondering if there was so much mortar in them. I'm surprised that I noticed such a detail!