Sunday, March 18, 2018

As Seen In...

Some of you may remember that back in December I completed the I P Engineering kit of a 16mm scale Hudson Skip locomotive. At the time I didn't go into too many details about how I'd built and detailed the kit, this wasn't for any good reason, other than I'd not written anything down. Well now I have and the results are a four page article in the April issue of Garden Rail magazine.

One of the people who read the original post was Phil Parker (if you don't already read his blog then you should) who suggested the editor of Garden Rail would like an article on building such a kit, and he should know given he's the editor of Garden Rail! So over the Christmas holiday I put together a quite detailed article on the build and all the extra detailing, including how I built a rivet press. So if you want the gory details go buy a copy.

Buying a copy of this article is much easier than all the previous articles I've ever written (either railway related or work related) as Garden Rail is sold on the high street so, for example, you can walk into your local WHSmith and pick up a copy. I got sent a copy, but I might even go buy an extra copy just for the thrill of it.


  1. Congratulations. I really must go back and catch up with what I've missed - assuming I have missed something.

  2. For someone with no personal ambitions ever to model I cannot fathom out why I find your posts so fascinating. Watching things develop is, of course, interesting per se but still.... I was looking at the 20 pence coin and got one out and put it down by my eraser. It made me suddenly realise just how tiny your models are.

    1. I should probably post a photo of the Hudson Skip loco next to a 20p just so you can see big it is in comparison to things like the gunpowder van. At 16mm to the foot instead of 4mm to the foot it's huge!