Sunday, July 29, 2018

From the Footplate Downwards

If you cast your mind back about a month (before I finished the Clayton and started back on Canopus) I was looking at tiny chassis for a project, specifically the power bogies from a KATO Centram. Having settled on a chassis I've been slowly designing the rest of the model.

So far I've finished the footplate downwards; the body will be an all etched affair that slots onto this base. The test print fitted fairly well (a couple of support pins need resizing slightly for a better fit) so I better get on with designing the rest of it.

As to what it's a model of...... I'll let you guess a while longer yet.


  1. So, I need to stock up on orange paint and build some peat wagons...

    1. No it's going to have two men pumping handles up and down with a model of Mark with a whip on a car behind.

    2. Yes, I've not figured out quite which shade of orange we're going to need yet

    3. I was told many years ago that 'Howard Rotavator Orange' is the correct shade (it does exist!). Might be worth contacting Alan Keef though.