Friday, July 6, 2018

Powered Waggly Bits

So having fixed the cylinders to Canopus it was clear that the clearances were minimal behind the crossheads. Slowly turning the motor over by hand and everything seemed okay, although on one side it did look as if the crosshead was pushing on the retaining nut on the front flycrank. Under power everything did move but it was very jerky as the two parts rubbed against each other.

On closer inspection it turns out that when I widened the slidebars I didn't refit them completely central, so while one side was very tight for clearances there was quite a lot of space on the other side. So I've now removed the cylinders and slidebars, refitted the slidebars more centrally and then refitted the cylinders. Although the clearances are still tight I can now see daylight between the parts all through a full rotation of the wheels. More importantly under power it seems to run quite nicely.

Next up is the pony truck, which unsurprisingly will need modifying before it can be fitted, but more on that next time.


  1. That is annoyingly good. I am jealous... :-)

    1. I think more luck and bloody minded perseverance than skill, but glad to hear others thing it looks good. By the way I'm jealous you managed to pick up what looks like a well built Backwoods Miniatures Barclay; that's the kit I actually wanted to buy when I bought Canopus but it was out of production as Pete couldn't source the driving wheels anymore.

    2. I'm very happy with it and was surprised no-one beat me to it at the show, it wasn't like I leapt in when the doors opened!

      There is a kit on eBay:

    3. Yes, I'm keeping a close eye on that kit, although I have a feeling it's going to go for silly money.