Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Rake of Wagons

So work on Canopus has slowed slightly, mostly as we spent the weekend at a family wedding. Having said that I have done some work on the model that I haven't blogged about yet, but I'd like to be able to explain what some of the parts are supposed to represent so I'm doing a bit of reading up first before I show you those.

So to keep you entertained I thought I'd show you the completed rake of three of the box wagons I recently printed.

As you can see the wagons don't currently have couplings fitted. I'm thinking of only fitting working couplings to each end of the rake and to permanently attach the three wagons together, but has anyone any suggestions of a good way of doing this? I have the slot in the buffer beam for the Greenwich coupling so can easily attach something else in the same place, but what would work best?


  1. They look rather good on the diorama, entirely suitable for factory use.
    Couplings - a hook on one wagon end (simple piece of bent wire) and a loop on t'other (flat strip with a hole drilled in it or a length of wire bent into a loop) would be my suggestion. This gives you the option of running a rake of 2 or 3 wagons. I did once build a rake of ParkyDundas skips permamently coupled together with chain (now sold on) but with hindsight it was a pain, both for storage and handling.

  2. These do look perfectly at home.

  3. It looks well worth all the effort.