Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Canopus: Joined Up Motion

List time you saw the chassis for Canopus I'd fitted the wheels and the cylinder bracket to complete the basic rolling chassis. Since then I've added the fly-cranks and coupling rods to both sides (so the wheel quartering is done). I was a little worried about doing this but as you can see the chassis is still rolling nicely and looks great with the body rested on top.

The next stage is to build the gearbox. Unfortunately this may take a while as I've discovered that the supplied parts won't build into a working gearbox. Since the kit was originally designed some of the parts have been replaced, and this includes the gears. Unfortunately the change in gears means that they will no longer stay in the correct position within the gearbox so I'll need to figure out a sensible way to proceed. I have some ideas, but I'll need to get some more supplies from my local model shop before I know if I have a working solution.


  1. This is coming on in leaps and bounds. Have you got to take it all to pieces again to paint it?

    1. To a certain extent yes. The body can be painted without too many problems as I've left a lot of details removable (like the handrails), but the chassis is a different issue. My current plan is to get the motor in and working and then to paint the chassis before permanently fixing the coupling rods or adding the cylinder motion.

  2. I think I might be tempted to quit whilst I was ahead.