Friday, January 16, 2015

Hudson-Hunslet Mockup

Given that it will be a while until there is any more progress to show on the Hudson-Hunslet diesel build (I need to update the 3D models and then order some more prints) I thought I'd post a couple more mockup photos to give a slightly better idea how the final model might look; the cabless variety at least. I managed to pull the motor of the chassis so that it would fit into the body again and added a whitemetal driver figure (item number MNV8 from Dart Castings) to give this...

You may notice that a) the driver is held on with blutak and b) he only has one leg! Given I wasn't sure on which figure would be suitable or fit, I designed the chair without the seat cushion pad. The idea being that you'd use a piece of miliput or DAS clay to form the cushion to suit the figure. As for only having one leg, well I was trying to bend the leg of the figure to see if both feet would fit in the footwell when the leg snapped off, and I couldn't be bothered trying to glue it back in place for this mockup.


  1. I think it is great. It is also very PC. Shovelling coal requires all one limbs but driving a diesel doesn't.

  2. How come driver figures for these are always looking straight out at the wild blue yonder and not where they're going?

    1. Agreed. This figure is far from perfect, he also has his arms folded so isn't doing much driving. Am hoping to find a more appropriate figure before I finish this. Any suggestions for figures would be most welcome.

    2. Those G.T. Stevens Simplex drivers I have come in pairs, one looking left and one looking right. And I still don't know where you'll find some, but if I find another set I'll buy them for you.

      As for one-legged drivers, some small diesels (Simplexes and early Hudson Hunslets) have clutch pedals. I'm not sure if the type that your modelling had a clutch pedal, I've never driven one. I did once remove the clutch release bearing from an earlier HH for re-machining.