Friday, January 9, 2015

Pizza Track Template: Take 2

Another day, another track template. After posting about the track template yesterday I took another look at it and realised I'd messed up. The template consists of four pieces of paper stuck together and I initially thought that the white space at the edges of the sheet was intentional so cut them off before joining the sections to give a single template. Unfortunately that wasn't the case and cutting of the paper meant the circle wasn't completely circular. You can see this in the join at the front in the photo from yesterday.

I also decided that I'd probably got the sleepers a little too close together on the original template, so rather than just reprinting I've generated a new template with only 90 sleepers (down on the 120 sleepers on yesterday's attempt). I think this looks better and given how tedious and time consuming cutting the sleepers is I think it's a good decision.


  1. I am pissing myself laughing. I lose a bit of smoke and sparks in a firework display and you lose some track. I thought only I was daft. I just love it. I have sussed that smoke is a fluid and sparks are particles. Nothing is easy in virtual reality. I know to put fluids in a virtual cage. I hate orthographic view but am getting to accept it was put there for a purpose. The purpose is quick selection by box of vertices.
    There should be more bloggers that share all their disasters. It isn't hard but it is very complicated. The folk that can do it produce film but share and share alike. I hope this is a start to share knowledge.