Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Just Rust: Take 2

On reflection, and given the very helpful and constructive criticism from Paul and Iain, I've gone back and had a second go at rusting a bit of rail and girder. While the powder based approach might work well for rail dumped in a bog for a few years I admit that it wasn't so good at representing rusting surfaces which tend to discolour without such serious pitting.

On this second attempt I again started with red oxide primer and then started to add shading using the same paints as before. At this stage I wasn't entirely convinced that I was getting anywhere but the addition of some weathering powders (rust and dark earth) seems to have pulled things together nicely. Not only does the texture look more convincing but I think the colour is better as well. Hopefully you all agree?

This episode reinforces the main reason I enjoy blogging and getting comments; without Paul and Iain's feedback I may well have just continued with my first approach and the final model would have suffered as a result.


  1. Thanks, glad to hear you both think it looks right. I think I might still have overdone the rust weathering powder a touch, but those orange spots are a lot less obvious in real life and blend in well.

  2. I think that this looks just have nailed it. I love the spotting and the build up of lighter coloured oxidation on the top surfaces.

    1. Thanks Iain. It's the first time I've found the rust weathering powder to be just right. Usually it seems way too bright, but on this occasion it seems to have worked well.