Monday, July 27, 2015

Rocks, Rocks, and More Rocks

While yesterdays rocks were an improvement I decided that they were probably too uniform in colour, so I've had yet another go. In fact I had two castings to hand so I've used the same approach to paint two new rocks (at the front) in the same way to check the process is repeatable.

The two new rocks were both painted by first randomly covering areas in stone gray and concrete. Once dry a thin wash of stone gray was applied to the entire rock to both darken the colours and to blend the areas together. This initial base coat was then sealed using scenic cement before a thin black wash was run over the rock with extra black added to highlight obvious cracks and features.

This seems to give a similar overall impression to the rocks I painted yesterday but with a more natural looking variation across the surface. I think they look a lot better and hopefully I won't change my mind again tomorrow.


  1. The new rocks do look more believable, although tbh I think they all look rather good except perhaps the back right one. The casting at the front right is particularly fine and looks like some sort of sedimentary rock.

  2. If you were using Lewiston gneiss then the back right one might possibly be found somewhere (in the rockery in my garden for instance). I thought the first ones were good, the second better and these better still. It's quite fascinating (again looking at the rockery from my kitchen window) what a huge variety of colours they can be in rock. Of course so much depends on where it's from and presumably your bridge would use the most local source available.