Friday, July 24, 2015

Water Under The Bridge

Having decided that adding peat brown ink to Woodland Scenics Realistc Water showed promise I set about doing a slightly more in depth experiment. The plan was to generate a small test piece of plaster covered scenery where I could pour some water and see how it looked.

Annoyingly I forgot to take photos at a number of important stages but you can at least see the piece before I added the water and when I'd finished. The colours of the rock and ground aren't great (they were what I had to hand) plus I don't think I let the plaster dry for long enough before painting so it's a bit of a mess. Either way you can see what works and what doesn't regarding the water.

Basically if there is sufficient depth of water then it looks great, but if it is too thin the colour goes wrong. This is easy to work with on the actual diorama as I want a fairly even depth of water. The flow effects were done by adding Woodland Scenics Water Effects. I added some on it's own, but also some with a bit of Woodland Scenics snow mixed in. This did add a little sparkle but not much so most of the ripples were then dry brushed with ivory to make them look more like churned up water.

While not a completely successful experiment I think I'm fairly happy with the approach it just needs finessing slightly rather than totally rethinking. I'll probably have another go shortly but I'm fairly happy that I should be able to model the water well enough for the diorama to be believable.


  1. Looking good so far. A trip onto Kinder or Bleaklow might help, not only for the water but also to get some reference shots for vegetation. The rock type is different to the area that you're modelling but the atmosphere (bleak and empty!) and the flora should be the same.

  2. Even by Lewis standards that is dark peaty water.