Sunday, December 20, 2015

Driven By Him

So here we are, the last post on the build of this the third Clayton prototype (the second never got made up but allowed me to test the keeper plate). The driver is now in place which means the whole loco now weighs in at 34g. Possibly a little light for an O14 loco but there isn't much space to add extra weight.

Obviously it's not entirely finished as it needs painting and the name and works plates fitting but these will be left to David as my painting skills aren't up to producing a loco that would fit in well with the quality of Rhyd. It seems strange packing it up to send it off to it's new home as I've never built a model for anyone else before. Hopefully David will enjoy it and if you see Rhyd at an exhibition you might even see the Clayton working the quarry tramway. For everyone else here is one final video of the loco in action.


  1. Nice job, Mark- I am sure David will be delighted with it. Perhaps you can persuade him to take a photo of the loco when it's painted, for your keen fans here! I see your workbench is marginally tidier than mine :-)

    1. Thanks Iain. Part of the deal with David was for photos once it's painted and in use so hopefully I should be able to post some eventually.

      As to the tidiness or otherwise of my workbench, I moved an awful lot of junk out of shot to get the test track down :)

  2. This is very impressive. A grand job.
    I just wonder if the printers can use plastic with a heavy filler to add weight. Barytes comes to mind.