Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Keeper Plate

One of the parts I had to redesign from the second prototype of the Clayton was the stainless keeper plate. If you remember I'd managed to design it 0.2mm too wide and reducing the width by hand was a nightmare due to the strength of the stainless steel. So I altered the design to remove 0.1mm on both sides, and opened out the screw holes slightly for an easier fit. The larger holes meant a change to the rebate for the head of the screw as well.

As you can see the changes worked well and everything fits together nicely. The two bolts are lightly glued into place just to make sure they don't come loose, and while the layshaft is now fixed in place (the two worms are fixed to the layshaft with Loctite which holds everything firmly in place) everything else is removable just by undoing the two retaining screws. Next job will be to strip it down again, and fit the pickups and associated electrical bits so that I can get it running up and down my test track.

1 comment:

  1. .2 of a mm! That's about 2 sheets of 80gsm paper. I really can't get my head round these tiny models.