Monday, December 7, 2015

Weather Protection

With the base kit for the Hudson-Hunslet now out and selling well I've turned my attention back to producing a few cab varieties to help people customize their models. Today I got the test etches back for all three designs and have quickly put them together, not that there is actually much work involved.

So from left to right we have an open cab based on the one fitted to Macnamara at the Leighton Buzzard Railway. Then there is the half-open design which is inspired by the one on LCWW18 which is part of the Moseley Railway Trust collection. Finally we have the fully enclosed cab similar in design to the one fitted to Creepy which can also be found at Leighton Buzzard. If you fancy adding a cab to your model then All three cabs are available to buy from Narrow Planet.


  1. All look good, but I bet someone will ask for a variation that you haven't catered for...

    1. Thanks Paul. In theory, now I know these all fit doing other designs should be fairly easy, so if someone really wanted something else I could do it, but as a custom job I'd charge them a little more.