Saturday, March 22, 2014

Another Brick In The Wall

Whilst the photo in today's post may look very similar to yesterday's (including the atrocious lighting conditions), it is in fact an entirely new wall.

While the construction of the wall in yesterday's post went well, I have to admit that I wasn't entirely convinced by the size of the stones portrayed. Given that the wall is a scale 4 feet six inches, that put each of the stone courses at over a foot in height, which seemed overkill for a small wall. I wasn't the only one who thought the stones were two large either (Paul mentioned it in the comments), so I thought I'd have another go.

I still wanted to stick with the same type of stone if I could, so that it would match the factory buildings I'm intending to build, so I simply printed the ashlar texture sheet at 50%, so now instead of three courses of stone there are six, and the wall looks a lot better.

The main remaining problem is that, as Paul also pointed out, the printed stonework looks very flat when viewed up close. While this probably won't be an issue for buildings at the back of the layout (even though the layout is very shallow), it could well be a problem for walls close to the front of the layout. I'm going to try and emboss the mortar lines to see if that helps, but it may turn out that I need to go the DAS clay route in order to add more depth. Of course there is no rush; I'm going to take my time and enjoy experimenting as I build the layout.