Thursday, March 27, 2014

Quarry Hunslet: Working Brakes

Okay, so there is a slim chance that not all the problems I had with the frames yesterday were down to not putting them together straight to start with (although that was definitely a problem).

This morning I spent quite a while making sure they were nicely aligned both to the footplate and against the wheels before gluing them back together. Once the glue had set, I placed everything back on the rolling rode, and while I got some movement, it wasn't fluid and smooth, but the clearances appeared perfectly fine. On closer inspection I realised that the problem had nothing to do with the clearance between the frames and cranks, this time at least, but that the brake detail on the frames was pressing against one of the rollers which was causing the roller to stick which in turn was stopping the wheel from smoothly turning; in other words it was acting as a brake!

Moving the whole thing off the rolling road and onto the track and it moves nicely. Now I just have to put the coupling rods and bushes back on and hopefully that will be the first part of the motion assembled and working.


  1. I like those DCC Concepts rolling roads, I have one and its usefull to be able to check my EM locos, my OO9 stock and my single OOn3 (12mm gauge) diesel with one piece of kit which doesn't take up too much space in my toolbox.

    1. I read somewhere that the newer version comes with lots of dummy rollers, so that you can support much larger locos, but so far I've not had the need to use all the proper ones in the set I own. The ability to shift gauges though is great, so much cheaper than having to buy separate products.