Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Tiny Brick Shed

Okay, so I'm easily seduced by shiny brass models.

This one went together just as easily as the wooden shed. I haven't started painting either of them yet as I haven't been at home when it hasn't been raining so I've been unable to spray them with primer. Hopefully the weather will improve and I can finish these off soon. I did, however, pick up a pot of RailMath Dark Brick (#2424) on the way home so I think I now have the paints I need to paint both models.


  1. This, and the wooden shed, look very fine. I guess the real test will be the painting, but you can't fault the fine-ness ...if anything a little too square and ship-shape for old huts, but that can be sorted! It will be fun adding atmosphere with little bits and bobs of junk etc.

  2. My thoughts were the same as Iain's in that this one in particular looks a little too perfect.

  3. Well I suppose if it looks too perfect at least that means it went together square!

    Hopefully a rusting roof and some moss/damp on the walls once I get to painting it and it should look a lot better.