Saturday, November 22, 2014

Painted Sheds

Having been side tracked by building some OO9 gauge track, I've finally gone back and painted the two N gauge sheds built from the Severn Models kit. Both models involved me trying a new technique in their painting.

I painted the walls and door of the wooden shed using my standard approach for aged wood which has worked well on the OO9 wagons I've recently been building. This seems to work well for N gauge buildings as well. When it came to the roof, however, I wasn't happy with the very flat look of painted brass. To add a little texture I painted it with RailMatch roof dirt and then blew on a small amount of polyfilla while the paint was still wet. Once the paint had dried I then painted it again to cover the white plaster. This seems to have given a nice surface, although I don't think the same would work in 4mm scale as the texture would still be fairly smooth.

I've never tried painting red brick before and the second shed caused quite a few problems. I tried a number of different approaches before I settled on something that mostly worked. In the end I painted the walls with RailMatch dark brick, and then used thinned down RailMatch weathered stone run into the mortar gaps. A final patchy black wash made things look nice and dirty. The corrugated roof was initially painted with roof dirt before a dry brushing of Model Color London grey. This gave a nice approximation of new corrugated tin which was then aged using repeated applications of MIG Productions standard rust effects.

While I did enjoy building and painting these sheds, the slight detour back to N gauge modelling has confirmed that I'm much happier working at 4mm to the foot scale so I don't think I'll be returning to N gauge at any future point.


  1. Nicely done Mark, but painting them does show up a flaw with the wooden shed in that the planks seem to continue around the corners as you'd expect brick or stone to.

    1. Good point. I guess it wouldn't be possible to etch that though, as the break in the plank would be at the same place as the etch for folding, so it would fall apart.

  2. I much prefer the brick shed so it looks as if you have sorted the paint job.

  3. Very nicely finished, Mark. Apart from Paul's reservation about the planks, I really like your paint finish on the wooden shed. This is all really small and to get something as fine as this is an achievement!

  4. They look good to me. I'm impressed with the detail of the model and pain work and impressed the observatory powers of those who really look closely and analytically i.e. Paul and the planks.