Saturday, November 8, 2014

Plastic Tagliatelle

Just a little teaser for today's post. I spent a bit of time yesterday cutting a plastic food bag into strips 6mm wide by about 29cm long (the width of the bag). These will be used to help with a specific bit of scenic modelling. Anyone fancy a guess at what?


  1. I just can't work this out...something to do with the wagons, I think, perhaps straps to hold hay bales on, or then again some sort of novel and ingenious insulating feature for track :-) Continuous belting for inside a slate mill or machine shop...I give up!

    1. Not related to wagons, track, or machinery I'm afraid. They are an aid for making a static scenic item and won't form part of the final model, if that helps.

    2. I think strips for holding up the scenery would have to be stronger...unless you have a clever idea :-) O scale Yucca leaves lol...

    3. Yes the plastic definitely isn't very strong. It stretches and tears quite easily. Fortunately it doesn't have to be very strong for what I need it for.