Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Press Release

Narrow Planet is pleased to announce the release of our first complete locomotive kit, to model a Hudson-Hunslet 24hp Light Diesel Locomotive. Introduced in the late 1950's the 24hp light diesel locomotive was an upgraded version of the company's original 21hp model and was the smallest locomotive in the range. This model, designed by Mark A. Greenwood using Hunslet's General Arrangement Drawing 48937 of April 1961, represents the basic cabless version. Many of the locomotives were, however, fitted with varying designs of cabs, and other equipment, depending upon their intended use. Preserved examples include LCWW18 which is part of the Moseley Railway Trust collection and "Creepy" of the Leighton Buzzard Railway.

Like our previous releases the body is comprised of a 3D printed shell and etched nickel silver detailing parts. Rather than needing to source a chassis, however, this kit includes all the parts necessary to build the complete model. This includes a 3D printed brass chassis block, gears, wheels, and a motor. While the etched detailing parts can all be glued into place a small amount of soldering will be necessary in order to complete the electrical connections. Comprehensive instructions are provided with the kit.

When fully released in November this kit will be produced on demand or in small batches and cost £80. We are intending to produce an initial batch of kits to meet expected demand. To aid in the production of this batch we are asking for a down payment of £30 with delivery expected by the end of October. In return for making a down payment the final cost for each kit in this first batch will be reduced to £75.

Visit the Narrow Planet shop page now to make sure you don't miss out on one from the first batch!


  1. Your first loco kit on sale - a big achievement! Well done Mark.

    I've pre-ordered one (despite the fact that I don't like printed locos).

    1. Thanks Paul, for pre-ordering one and the nice comment. Hopefully you'll like it when you get to build it. Most of the printed bit is hidden under etched bits so hopefully you'll approve of the surface finish.

  2. I'm just catching up. It's good to see the culmination of your efforts.