Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Dual Gauge Track

While most of my modelling recently has been focused on my entry for the Dave Brewer challenge in October I've not forgotten about the Clayton battery locomotive.

Mostly I've been writing a long list of all the small issues I've found with the current design now I've got the first prototype print in my hands. It's turning into quite a long list, but fortunately most of them can be solved on the current print with a little bit of thought, which allows me to test the changes before ordering another print. Before I can assemble and test the locomotive though I need some track to run it on.

If you remember I'm building this model in O14, 7mm to the foot scale running on 14mm track to represent 2 foot gauge track, as the loco is too small to model in my usual scale of OO9. The problem is I've never modelled in O14 so I didn't have any 14mm track. Fortunately I'd planned in advance for this and ordered some roller gauges from KBscale. Given that I'm short on desk space I decided to produce a test track that would let me test both O14 and OO9 (O9 and Gnine as well if I wanted to branch out) models, so I now have a 60cm dual gauge test track.

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