Sunday, April 13, 2014

Quarry Hunslet: The Italian Job

So having put the main body of the cab together there are just a few detail parts to add it which revolve around the sliding doors in the rear wall. I'm going to model these doors closed as I'm not intending to have the loco permanently coupled to a coal truck.

According to both the instructions and photos of a number of Quarry Hunslet locomotives, the runners should be attached to the outside wall of the cab. The problem is that if I do that they will completely obscure the rivet detail you can see above the hole. Not only does it seem silly to hide the rivets, but I'm a little worried that the glue won't hold well as the rivets will keep the two pieces slightly apart. I could glue the runners to the inside of the rear wall so that the doors still fill the hole, but this wouldn't be at all prototypical.

I'm guessing the only real solution would be to file off the rivets fit the doors and then use rivet transfers on the runner, but this seems like an awful lot of work so I'm wondering if I've missed something obvious. Does anyone have any suggestions?


  1. Mark if you want it to look good. I can only suggest punching the rivet heads from the rear of the runners. I block of flat lead for and anvil and a small centre punch with it's end rounded off should do with a bit of practise.
    Small bending rolls are available

  2. I would certainly consider filing the rivets off and using Archers transfers on both top and bottom runners. But note that the rivet pattern varies between locos.
    Its a shame really as the etch looks superb!

    1. Yeah it is a shame, but I think you're right. Putting the runners on the inside seems wrong. Fortunately I don't mind if it isn't 100% accurate as I'm not intending to name her Dorothea so as long as there are rivets I think it should be okay.

  3. It will be interesting to see how you solve this problem.