24hp Hudson-Hunslet Diesel Locomotive

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Introduced in the late 1950s, the 24hp light diesel locomotive was an upgraded version of the company's original 21hp model and was the smallest locomotive in the range. This model, based on Hunslet's General Arrangement Drawing 48937 of April 1961, represents the basic cabless version. Many of the locomotives were, however, fitted with varying designs of cabs, and other equipment, depending upon their intended use.

This complete OO9 scale kit, available exclusively through Narrow Planet, is comprised of a 3D printed plastic body shell, a fret of etched nickel silver detail parts, a 3D printed brass chassis, wheels, gears, motor and numerous small detailing parts. Minimal folding of the nickel silver parts is required and they can all be glued in place. A small amount of soldering is necessary to complete the electrical connections.

I documented the development of the kit in some detail across a number of posts on this blog (unfortunately they get listed in reverse order when you follow that link) and the kit has also appeared in a number of magazine articles; some written by me, some by people who have built the kit for themselves.