Sunday, June 28, 2015

3D Printed Wagons Printed in 2D

Some of you might remember that back in October last year I blogged about a model of the 3 sided breaker wagon from Trevor Quarry. Given that the drawings I used came from the sample issue of NG&IRM Review I thought it was worth writing the process up as an article for the magazine. I submitted the article late last year to favourable comments from the editor, Bob Barlow, and the article has now appeared in print in issue 102.

The issue was actually issued back at the end of April, but unfortunately due to a mistake at the printers, and Bob's untimely death, it has taken a while before I finally got my subscription copy. It's strange seeing the article in print as a few editorial changes have been made to it; not all of which I would necessarily agree with.

I publish articles fairly frequently in academic journals but in those cases whilst the editor may often request or suggest changes they never actually edit an article; the authors have the final say on the content. The audience of a modelling magazine and an scientific journal are very different and the different approaches are perfectly understandable and it clearly hasn't put me off as I already have an idea for another article.