Monday, December 31, 2012

Penistone Railway Works: Open For Business

As you may remember I've recently become a convert to the wonders of 3D printing. First I printed a spark arrestor for an L&YR "Pug", and more recently I printed up a set of four Train Protection Warning System grids to hide the sensors for my scale speed trap. What I learnt from this was that, firstly, I'm better at building 3D models than I thought I was, and more importantly, that the results are actually usable. This has really got my creative juices flowing and I now have a bunch more ideas that I'm working on that will hopefully turn into more printed objects.

It seems a shame though to keep these models to myself -- I don't know if anyone else will find them useful but I won't know unless I make them available. So as of today Penistone Railway Works is officially open for business! Essentially this is just a shop front as Shapeways handles all the transactions, however, it provides a nice focus point and will allow me to branch out in the future to use other printers or manufacturing processes. Feel free to have a browse, and let me know if you spot any problems that need ironing out.

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  1. I'm getting drawn into something I never thought would interest me. Perhaps when I retire......