Monday, February 25, 2013

... And Two More Makes Three

I've now finished painting and adding transfers to all three wagons from the last 3D print run. You've already seen one of the wagons but I thought I'd include it's photo again to show you the final roundup.

I'm really happy with how all three turned out, although the General Refractories wagon was hardest to paint as it was difficult to get a good covering of the creamy white paint (I used ivory from the Model Color range). The vinegar trick seems to work well though as I had no problems with the transfers on any of the three wagons, so the white wine vinegar has definitely earned itself a permanent spot in my modelling toolbox.

Now that I've painted the wagons and have been able to photograph the finished items, I've added them to the growing list of products available through Penistone Railway Works; each wagon can be bought with any of the three different brake configurations, so in theory that's nine new models.


  1. Mark, can I be so bold as to suggest ballasting the track. I have been so I am.
    These look really good.
    Can see a whole colliery on your layout.
    Live steam is next?

    1. Ballasted track is definitely on the todo list when I finally settle on an actual layout to build. These shots were literally taken with a single short piece of track and some white paper. Once I have a proper layout I'll redo all the photos for the shopfront to show them "in action" as it where.

      A colliery layout is tempting, although living on the site of an old steel mill I'm leaning more in that direction, but they would need an awful lot of coal, so the wagons would definitely still be useful.

      Live steam is very tempting, the problem is that it's expensive. The only OO gauge live steam stuff was produced by Hornby but they discontinued it a few years ago so second hand sets go for £500 or more depending on the condition. I could go for O gauge where there is more choice for live steam but then the amount of room I'd need for a layout goes up dramatically so kind of rules it out. Shame really, I really do love the idea of my own little steam engine.