Saturday, July 20, 2013

No Smoke Without Fire

In the previous post I showed you the flickering fire and smoke effects I'd added to the factory I've built for Jerusalem, but I left out one detail; the control board.

I did mention that the power comes from a 19V DC power adaptor liberated from a cheap OO gauge train set, but here you can see how that adaptor gets included in the setup. Yes this is what I was really producing when I was experimenting with laser engraving.

The datasheets for the power socket and switches contain accurate dimension information which I used to design the control board using the same techniques as the previous example of laser etching I showed. Even given the precision of the laser cutting and the accuracy of the dimensions I was slightly surprised when everything fitted together perfectly on the first attempt.

The final task was to wire everything together to provide power for the fire and smoke. Given that you can't really have smoke without fire, I've connected the switches so that you can turn the fire on without the smoke, but to get the smoke working as well you need to have both switches turned on. I'm really happy with how this all turned out, it's just a shame that the control panel will be hidden behind the backscene out of view when the layout is finished. Mind you I do have three more control panels should I wish to show them off (I thought I might need to modify the holes slightly and didn't know how resilient the acrylic would be so used up the small sheet with some spares).


  1. You really are going in for the Rolls Royce approach.

    1. I suppose one advantage (other than space) of a small layout is that rather than spending lots of money on the landscaping etc. (Jerusalem is small enough that the Woodland Scenics learning kits contain enough material) I can go to town on the small details.

      Mind you having mentioned Rolls Royce, maybe that would make a perfect car for the factory owner to drive? Now what model would be accurate for 1955 -- something else to research!