Friday, October 23, 2015

A Small Earthquake?

Reports have been coming in that a small earthquake struck just outside Glasgow this morning resulting in some minor earth movements.

Ever since I built the model of Bobby's bike, I've been annoyed by the fact that I hadn't quite got the ground around the abutment right, which meant that the embankment looked a lot taller compared to the bike than it should do. This morning I had another look and decided I just couldn't live with it any longer. Fortunately raising the ground level with a little DAS clay was easy as was blending it into the vegetation I'd already added. It's still not perfect but I think it looks a lot closer to reality now which is the main thing.


  1. It looks great, very convincing. I think that concrete on the right hand abutment is as good as it could possibly be. That darker green "growth" on the left hand side reminds me of the stuff that covers a lot of quarry remains over here...Berberis...much better than gorse :-) I love the results of your hand planting with the longer grasses, too- brilliant!

  2. Well I've been studying it for a while and when I cut off the bottom so that I couldn't see the river disappearing then it would take me a while to realise I was looking at a model if I wasn't forewarned.