Sunday, November 11, 2018

Alan Keef K12 Diesel: Part 1

Having built the peat wagon I had a go at assembling the parts on the other etch, which turned into.......

You can probably see in the photo that the etch and 3D printed chassis are just slotted together, but hopefully some of you will recognise the loco as a K12 diesel built by Alan Keef Ltd. While I've managed to assemble all the parts around a KATO Centram chassis, I need to make changes to both the etch and the 3D print; there are a few niggling issues but more importantly I managed to mess up the design of the bonnet side panels by misinterpreting the drawings I was working from.

Even though there are issues with the model I think it looks the part, and I'm really happy with the fact that all the complex folds on the etch worked perfectly. It might be a while before I have more progress to show, so while you wait here's a short video of it circling my tiny test track:


  1. I'm never quite sure why I just sit here watching as it goes round. But I do and find it quite mesmerising. All the more now that I can envisage how really tiny it is.

  2. Mark does anyone use CNC engravers to produce kits.

  3. Mark, I'd be interested in this if it makes it to be a purchasable kit! Looks lovely, and fills a gap in what is available at the minute, what chassis is it running on?

    1. Thanks James, glad you like it. Current plan is for it to be a kit in both OO9 and OO6.5. The OO9 version (which is what you see here) is running on a motor bogie from a KATO Portram or Centram, whereas the OO6.5 will use the standard spare part chassis from Busch. There's bound to be more posts as it progresses towards release.