Friday, June 10, 2022

Standing Still

So, almost four years since everything went wrong (the first time) with the build of Ivor I'm basically back to where I was before.
After a little more work today I now have four wheels with crank pins, two of which have been fitted with insulating bushes. In otherwords exactly where I was before I found that the original wheels didn't fit the chassis.

I took the same approach as last time, i.e. the simple approach, and "borrowed" the insulating bushes from a set of Hornby disc wheels. The crank pins are 14BA bolts, which will be trimmed to length later. In fact they are just loosly fitted at the moment as I decided the next step (turning axles) would be easier if I can check them against the wheels without the crank pins in the way.

No idea when I'll get to try turning the axles but this does at least seem like progress even if I'm no closer to a completed model than I was back in 2018.

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