Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Paint It, Black

Having left the primer to dry for 24 hours I moved onto the next stage of construction and painted the wagon. For this first attempt at modelling I made life easy for myself by painting the entire wagon black. This meant I didn't need to bother with masking tape etc. but as you will see in later posts this will still lead to a historically accurate wagon.

Just like with the primer I used an aerosol can to paint the wagon. Whilst this was easier than applying the paint with a brush it wasn't as straightforward as spraying on the primer. The paint is thicker and I thought it was going to obscure a lot of the detail. Now it's dry I'm fairly happy with the level of detail, but I had to give it at least three coats to get a proper covering of paint.

It's difficult to see in the photo but I used a gloss paint. While I don't want to end up with a shiny model, I'm intending to use waterslide transfers to detail the wagon, and these are best applied to a gloss surface, as you will see in the next exciting instalment!


  1. I'm encouraged that it's not just me who didn't find it straightforward.

    1. I seem to have had nothing but trouble from the black paint. Not sure if it's a bad can or just a general problem. I guess it might be easier to invest in an air brush.

  2. It is probably too thick. It may be worth investing in an air brush.